• Dyed Mulch: What you need to know

    Our dyed mulches are dyed using a vegetable-based dye, and it safe for plants and animals (and people!). 

    Dyed mulches hold their color longer than natural mulches, keeping your landscaping looking fresh and finished. There are a few things to consider when ordering your dyed mulch: 

  • How to Calculate Cubic Yards or Tons

    The formula for figuring out how many cubic yards you need to cover your area isn’t difficult. 

    Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) ÷ 12 x Depth (in inches) ÷ 27 = Cubic Yards

  • Ordering Bulk Mulch, Topsoil, Sand, or Gravel

    1. Check to see if delivery is available to your area by entering your zip code in the header of our online store. Please note: because of scheduling factors, only closest cities will be available for online ordering. If you don't see your delivery area listed, please call the store to order your product. 
  • Delivery Instructions and FAQs

    Questions answered regarding delivery instructions.