Do you offer shipping? 

We currently only offer local dump truck delivery (for bulk materials) and in-store (or curbside) pickup. We do not offer shipping. 

Do you deliver? 

Yes, we deliver our bulk materials (topsoil, mulch, sand, gravel) and firewood (please see our delivery area page for minimum amounts eligible for delivery). If you are getting a qualifying bulk delivery order, we can also add on most of our products, with some limitations. 

For instance, if you’d like a couple bags of bird feed delivered with your 2 cubic yards of bulk mulch, our driver will place the bird feed bags inside the cab and then place those on your porch. 

If you want 5 bags of bagged mulch along with your bulk topsoil, we’d load the bags of mulch on top of the bulk topsoil and they’d be dumped along with your bulk product. Bagged materials in quantities of 1-5 bags can be delivered along with a bulk delivery at no charge. 

We can also deliver you JUST bags. If you only want bags we can bring these to you and dump them in your drive. We have a minimum of 15 bags if you are having ONLY bags delivered for our local delivery areas. We can carry upwards of 50 bags in our truck depending on the material. If you would like them stacked on a pallet we have a pallet delivery option that is delivered in a different truck. Please email or call for an order that is just bags.  

Do you offer curbside pickup? 

Yes, we do! Depending on the season, curbside pickup is sometimes limited to Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. During the “off-season” curbside pickup is available every day. 

Once you place your order for pickup, you’ll receive a confirmation email and then another email when your order is ready. Once you arrive at the store, please call 440-937-5100 to let us know you’re here and a staff member will be out shortly. 

How soon can I get my delivery? 

When ordering online, we need to allow for a longer processing time. If you want your delivery as soon as possible, please call the store. You can also process your order online and then email or call the store to change your delivery time. 

How do I tell you where to dump my bulk product? 

After you’ve checked out, you’ll receive an email that you’ll need to reply to and include your dump instructions. Click here to see the basic text of the email so you can plan ahead. 

I have a new driveway. Will you deliver? 

We will not pull on a driveway that is less than 1 year old. Our trucks are quite heavy even when they are empty. However, we can dump your product on your apron. 

Can you deliver two types of bulk material at the same time? 

No. We can only deliver one type of bulk material, unless you actually want the products mixed (like compost and topsoil). 

Can you tell me what I bought previously and how much? 

Sure! Email us at sales@therockpile.com with your name and address and what product you’re looking for and we can check our sales records. 

What about my loyalty points? 

Because Shopify is separate from our point of sale system, you cannot redeem your loyalty points online, but we will manually add the correct amount of points to your customer account whenever you order online. 


Why can’t I order half yards or tons? 

Because of the limitations of Shopify, only whole number quantities are allowed. 

How much bulk material do I need? 

We have some handy formulas for you to use. Just head over to Calculating Cubic Yards or Tons. Please feel free to email us with any questions. 

Why can’t I checkout as a guest? 

Because we only offer local delivery and pickup, we need to know your contact information. 

Why are the delivery slots 2 hour windows? 

This allows us some flexibility. The delivery schedule that Shopify uses is different from what we use in the store and they don’t sync with each other. If you have a special request regarding your delivery time, you can include that in the email when you give us your dump instructions. You can also call us. 

What if I need to change the products or quantities in my order? 

Sure! Please email or call us. 

What if I need to change my delivery day or time? 

Please email us or call us. If calling, please choose option 4 for Dispatch. Please allow enough time for a change to be made. If your delivery is scheduled for the morning, please know that emailing us after business hours the day before may mean your email gets missed. Our loaders and drivers get to the store early, grab the first orders that have been laid out and get the day started. In that situation, you need to call the store, press 4 for Dispatch and leave a message, so it will be retrieved first thing in the morning. 

Can I split a load with my neighbor? 

Because of the limitations of dump trucks, we can only dump at one address. 

Can I order sand or gravel and pick it up? 

If you’re planning on picking up sand or gravel, please do not order online. Sand and gravel are weighed products, which means we’ll have you pull on our truck scale and get an empty weight of your vehicle, then you’ll be loaded, and then you’ll get a full weight and you are charged for the exact amount of material you’ve received. 

I have more questions… 

Please head over to our main website’s FAQ section and see if your question has been answered there. 

If you still have questions, please email us or call 440-937-5100. Emails will be answered during normal business hours.

Thanks for your patience as we launch our online store.