Premium Topsoil Per Cubic Yard

Premium Topsoil Per Cubic Yard

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Premium Blend Topsoil Sold Per Cubic Yard

Our trucks can carry up to 6 yards of soil per delivery. If you need more than 6 yards, we will contact you to process the additional (discounted) delivery fee. (Discounted delivery applies to material ordered at the same time.)

The Making of Nutrient-rich Topsoil

Beautiful topsoil, handcrafted from the best raw materials around.

We start with the nutrient-rich topsoil made available by the clearing of wooded areas for development. That soil has had many years of decaying leaves, twigs, insects, animal droppings, etc., all composted together, adding minerals back into the soil. The longer the soil has been woods, the better. 

The soil itself is clay based and in addition to the naturally occurring organic material, we add more compost to the soil.  A great advantage of a clay based soil is that it retains much more moisture than a sandy soil, requiring less watering. In general, a clay based topsoil that is properly aerated will permit lawns, trees, and shrubs to have a deeper, stronger root system than almost any other type of soil.

We “screen” our topsoil as opposed to “shredding” it. Screening preserves the beneficial microbes in the soil, which is a key ingredient for having good plant nutrition. 

A quick note on natural, bulk topsoil: Because we use soil from previously forested areas, it is to be expected that there are years of miscellaneous debris in the raw product and since we use a screening process that removes small (½” and smaller) pieces of roots, pebbles, etc are able to pass through and remain in the final product. 

Dump Truck Delivery Available

  • Bulk Orders placed for local dump truck delivery must be a minimum of 2 cubic yards or 2 tons of the same material. 
  • Specialty gravels have a minimum of 1 ton. (Specialty gravels include gravels $99 per ton and over.) 
  • Maximum amount per truck is 6 yards or 6 tons for Sand, Gravel, or Soil. Maximum amount of Mulch is 15 yards. 
  • If your order requires additional truckloads, an invoice will be sent from the online store for additional delivery charges. Each additional delivery charge will be a discounted rate. For instance, an order that required 2 truckloads, the first truckload would be included in your cart during checkout, the 2nd truckload would be $10 less than the first truckload and an invoice will be sent to your email. Please click on the “Pay” button to complete the transaction.

Delivery Areas Available for Online Ordering

We are only able to schedule local deliveries via online ordering for now. If you do not see your area listed below, please go here to see if we deliver to your area and then contact us via phone to place your order.