Grandscape Triple Shred Brown Mulch | 2 cu ft bag

Grandscape Triple Shred Brown Mulch | 2 cu ft bag

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Grandscape Triple Brown 2 cubic foot bag

Hardwood Bark Mulch Triple Shred Size

Dark Brown Color

Organic Vegetable Base Dye 

This product is also available in bulk



Dump dyed mulches on tarps to avoid discoloration of concrete. If a tarp is not available, wet the surface and then wash the area with soap and water after the mulch has been moved.

Avoid exposing dyed mulch to rain or sprinklers for 24-48 hours after applying mulch to your landscaping.

If dyed mulch has been delivered and rain is expected, do not spread the mulch. Cover it with a tarp until there will be 24-48 hours of no rain.

Rinse landscaping tools immediately after use to avoid staining and use gloves when handling dyed mulches.

In the event that the dye dries on surfaces, use SimpleGreen® cleaning solution to remove stain.